For individuals with autoimmune disorders, COVID-19 has been incredibly disruptive — even if they haven’t tested positive for the coronavirus. Sam Fillingane, DO explains why:

Asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 (coronavirus) are putting the health of others at risk.  The same can be said for those who fail to social distance and instead, have chosen to carry on without any concern.  Those who don’t wear masks in public places also continue to be a threat.

While these behaviors pose threats for virtually everyone, these issues are of greater concern and risk to individuals living with autoimmune diseases.  As the pandemic carries on, these issues continue to jeopardize the health and overall well-being of individuals with autoimmune diseases, due to their weakened and vulnerable immune systems.

The pandemic has caused panic for just about everyone.  But for individuals with autoimmune diseases, concerns are often much greater.  Being at an increased risk of contracting the virus, many patients living with autoimmune diseases are fearful of carrying out everyday activities.  This is due to the increased risk of interacting with someone who may carry the coronavirus.

As someone who treats patients with autoimmune disorders, Sam Fillingane would like to respectfully remind the general public to be compassionate and think of others at this time.  While the pandemic is concerning for us all, it is of greater risk to individuals who are living with autoimmune disorders.  Please keep these individuals in mind when you go out in public.  If you experience any symptoms, please consult a medical professional and refrain from going in public (especially if you are not wearing a mask).

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