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07 Jan 2021

Straight To The Heart

Straight To The Heart is a weekly television program that airs on My Family TV Network. Appearing as the host, Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO brings his medical expertise to the show each episode.

Dr. Sam Fillingane on “Straight to the Heart”

According to Osteopathic Medicine specialist, Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO, heart disease is a preventable condition.  That’s why in 2013, the expert joined Russ Robinson to help inform the public on ways to improve their health. Known amongst colleagues for his dedication to heart disease risk reduction, Dr. Fillingane is passionate about the platform that Straight To The Heart has offered him.  As an Osteopathic Medicine specialist, his ultimate goal as host is to promote healthy habits that positively impact the show’s viewers.

Episodes and Topics

Airing weekly on My Family TV Network, Straight To The Heart has covered a wide range of health related topics.  Previous episodes have focused on conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and hypertension. Following along with Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO’s aim to reduce risk and prevent medical issues, topic areas have also included symptoms and signs to look out for.  Taking a stance of education, Straight To The Heart has also offered general advice to promote healthy habits and lifestyles. Examples of these highlights include the episodes “22: Making Choices With Food,” “37: Eat Smart with a Smartphone,” and “42: Handling Stress Using Biomarkers.”

Additionally, Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO has invited guests onto Straight To The Heart.  During these episodes, Dr. Fillingane has discussed each guest’s story in an informative manner.  The intention of these episodes is to use the guest’s experience and story as an opportunity to provide both guest and audience with advice.  Straight To The Heart has also aired several recap episodes. Each recap episode provides viewers with the opportunity to catch up on what they might have missed.  More than just an update, Dr. Sam Fillingane enjoys these episodes as a chance to further educate the Straight To The Heart audience. Continued reminders of symptoms, preventative techniques and other tidbits of advice aim to remind the audience of how they can become healthier.