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20 Apr 2021

School of Osteopathic Medicine Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Dr. Sam Fillingane vaccine
autoimmune disorders

COVID-19 vaccine and autoimmune disorders 

Many patients have recently asked Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO the question: Can you receive the COVID-19 vaccine if you have an autoimmune disorder? Here is Dr. Fillingane’s response… Individuals with immune systems that are already weakened (either due to symptoms of condition or treatment), are…

Sam Fillingane DO scent detection dog
Osteopathic Medicine, Research

Scent detection dogs sniff out COVID-19 

An article in the February 2021 edition of the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine has drawn an interesting conclusion. The recently published research suggests that there’s a unique connection between COVID-19 and scent detection dogs. Dogs trained scent detection have saved countless lives over the years. …

Sam Fillingane DO psoriasis
autoimmune disorders

Psoriasis and Autoimmune Disorder Risk 

According to a study currently being explored for Indian Dermatology Online Journal, individuals with psoriasis may be at increased risk of developing additional autoimmune disorders. Sam Fillingane, DO, expert in autoimmune disorders, discusses the recently discussed link: In a new study, researchers are drawing connections…

Sam Fillingane, DO Autoimmune Disorders
autoimmune disorders

A Short List of Autoimmune Disorders 

What is an autoimmune disorder? Which conditions fall into this category? Sam Fillingane, DO offers up his expertise: Immediate research indicates that individuals with autoimmune disorders are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. When faced with the issue of being immunocompromised, a bout of the…

Sam Fillingane, DO
Osteopathic Medicine

AOA and AMA Defend Reputation of DOs 

Osteopathic Medicine Specialists (DOs), like Sam Fillingane, DO are among equal ranking with their MD colleagues and counterparts. However, a great deal of misrepresentation of Osteopathic Medicine Specialists has been circulating around. AOA and AMA are aiming to put a stop to that! According to…