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01 Apr 2020

Sam Fillingane, D.O. headshotDr. Sam Fillingane, DO is an Osteopathic Medicine Specialist. On the My Family TV Network program, Straight To The Heart, Fillingane works to educate the public about heart health.

Education and Training

Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO completed his medical training at Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine Biosciences.  There, he developed the foundation of his expertise. He also completed a rotating internship at Lakeside Hospital in Kansas City.  This experience included Cardiology training at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Continuing the cycle of education, Dr. Fillingane has assisted in the training of numerous medical students over the years.  In 2009, he received the AOA Mentor of the Year Award for his efforts in educating and training tomorrow’s leading experts.

Areas of Specialization

As an Osteopathic Medicine Specialist, Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO is known among colleagues and patients for his attention to a comprehensive approach.  Backed by years of research and observation, Dr. Fillingane firmly believes that conditions, diseases and disorders of the human body often overlap and connect.  With this in mind, he is careful to consider all connections when assessing and evaluating a particular symptom or condition. Outside of his expertise in Osteopathic Medicine, Fillingane is also known for his research and specialties in:

  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Mental Health Disorders

As host and medical expert on the health-related television show, Straight To The Heart, Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO often discusses the numerous conditions at play in heart health.  This perspective is incredibly valuable in helping to prevent his audience from developing heart-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease. According to the specialist, heart disease is a fully preventable condition.  However, in order to effectively avoid and prevent the disease, people must take into account the many factors at play. That’s why Fillingane hopes that the topics discussed on Straight To The Heart will educate the public for the long term.


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