A study recently published in the Immune Disorders section of health24 is drawing some groundbreaking conclusions. Experts on Autoimmune Disorders, like Dr. Sam Fillingane, are now questioning how this discovery might reshape and revolutionize how certain conditions are treated.

According to the study in question, researchers have discovered that a particular enzyme plays a key role in the development of autoimmune disorders.  More specifically, this enzyme is largely responsible for the inflammatory response present in such conditions.  The enzyme in particular is one which breaks down sugars, or glucose, in the body.  This roadblock in the way of converting sugar into energy poses numerous difficulties for the body… leading to symptoms common in autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis (MS) and arthritis. 

The enzyme identified in this study is known as PKM2;  researchers are now pointing to the possibility that PKM2 directly triggers T cells to develop inflammation commonly associated with autoimmune disorders.